what does a professional organizer do?

Organize with Jess, LLC works with individuals who lack the time, desire or skill to organize on their own.  

We do not set a minimum on total hours worked nor do we select or discriminate specific socioeconomic classes. We are there to help, not to place judgment..   

We offer tips, guidance, and accountability to our clients.  We want you out living your life not  trying to manage overwhelming systems.  

Who are our clients?

We love working with anyone who is excited about making a change and is ready to get it done!

The majority of our client base is composed of busy dads, moms, and families who need a bit of help getting back on track.  Although, our client base is not limited to these individuals.

Organize with Jess, LLC takes on residential clients. In some cases, these clients lead to corporate opportunities where we are able to help our clients incorporate our organizational strategies into their work and office life.

who do we not work with?

We have limits on who we are able to help and try  to be clear in who we are able to accommodate.    

Organize with Jess, LLC does not do business with  the following Individuals or in the following environments:

  • Individuals with no apparent respect for the OWJ crew

  • Dangerous or unhealthy work environments  

  • Non-committed individuals who misuse our time and energy

why do we insist that clients make first contact?

We consider outgoing calls to be solicitation and we will never solicitate you in any means.  Thus being said, we will never contact you without you  contacting us first.  We are happy to receive client calls, texts or emails and are available to you when you are ready to move forward.  Clients need to be all in on the changes we are going to implement.  If we have to track you down, chances are you are not ready to make the changes needed.    

Where do we work?

We travel in a 30 minute radius from our home office at no additional charge.  We have clients in Wilmington, Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem and Danville.  We simply bill time on task for any location outside of 30 minutes from our Greensboro home office location.  We are  also happy to travel nationwide when the job calls for it.   

when do we work?

 We run two jobs a day, seven days a week.  Depending on what you need done and who you prefer to work with, our availability changes.  We do have at least one crew member available to you everyday.  

what is the owj niche?

We love working with awesome!! 

We love our job and want to work with people who truly appreciate what OWJ has to offer.  We focus on functionality and want clients homes to represent the people that live there.  Many of  our clients are busy professionals with families who are spread too thin and simply need extra hands for a short  time to get them back on track.  We  live  by  the  motto  “GET  ORGANIZED  &  GET  ON  WITH  IT!’  And  want  you to as  well.    

Do we buy supplies?

Absolutely!  Typically, we like to ensure that new  purchases and products are necessary and going  to add value to the space.  We can shop online, send clients a cart or even hunt locally for the perfect solution for your space. 

OWJ offers errand running and concierge services as well.  We have fantastic consultants that can complete these shopping tasks for you from start to finish.       

How did we get into this business?

We are all naturally organized, efficient people.  The fact that people not only appreciate that but  contract us to do this work is AWESOME!

Where it all started...

Jess was nannying during Grad school.  One day, she switched jobs with the children's mother.  Mom hung out with the kids and Jess did all of  the random tasks.  She swapped out the closets and tidied up the pantry and medicine cabinets, put away the groceries and helped pull out all the  clothes that were too small for the kiddos.  When Jess shared the story with her sister in-law, she replied, "I  WOULD PAY SOMEONE TO DO THAT FOR ME!”  ... And thus a career was born.

phone consultations

We offer a thorough phone consultation to ensure that we are the correct company to meet your needs.  This is our first step and free of charge.    

Every client undergoes the same intake process  to ensure consistency and quality of service.  We want to ensure that we are the right consultants for you and to clarify what we do, how we do it and when we are able to do it.   We talk about rates and typical projects and clients get a sense of our working methodology.  We will then schedule our In Home Consultation and Planning  Meeting.  

in home consultations

This meeting is billed at a flat rate of $50.  It gets us set up to hit the ground running on our first working session.  We complete a walk through of the entire home, take initial photos, and create a verbal action plan.  All working agreements are completed and rates are quoted and locked in.  We schedule our first hands on organizing session  and assign preemptive client  tasks, often referred to by clients as homework.    

owj culture

Organize with Jess, LLC believes that how you do anything, is how you do everything.

 For this reason, there are specific behaviors, attitudes, and solutions that are consistently implemented or avoided. 

Expectations are held high and second chances are not offered. There is always room for modification and development but we ensure that things are purposefully chosen, put into place and followed up on.

We understand that transparency is different from simple honesty and we provide our clients with the level of service that we ourselves would expect. We hold ourselves accountable and never place the blame on others. We are not victims of circumstances but rather the summation of our own choices. 

We are always the hardest working person in the room. 

How long will this take?

Every job is different and every client has different  needs.  The only thing we can guarantee is that if you hire us, you will be glad you did.  The job goes from enormous and overwhelming to finished.  We work fast, efficiently, and aim to have ecstatic  clients.  Our testimonials and reviews do a great job of illuminating client responses.    

What does OWJ Guarantee?

We guarantee reliable, consistent, and non-judgmental service. We provide fun, motivated, patient assistance to every client and during every session.  There is personalized  service and follow through for every client and for every project.

OWJ provides clear, honest, and transparent communication throughout our entire working relationship.  There is strict confidentiality for everything we uncover, discuss, or organize.

We will help things improve.  OWJ will work as hard as you do to help you get where you want to  be and we will always leave you in a better place than we found you.  You will be more  organized,  less stressed and feeling less overwhelmed than  the day we started working with you.



How do crew jobs work?

We book crew jobs multiple times a week and prefer to handle large jobs with the crew versus  single consultants.  We bill full hour rates for the  first consultant and 0.25 hours for each additional consultant per hour.  Package hours can be utilized for crew jobs         

What will it cost?

We bill hourly for our time and we try to expedite both your financial commitment and your time expense. We work fast and diligently to ensure that the value of service far exceeds expectations.    

STill have questions??

What would you like answered?

If you still have questions, we would be happy to answer them directly!  Simply click on the CONTACT US button below to find out how to reach out to us.