"Jess is one of the most focused individuals I've ever met, and she always does 100% of what she says she is going to do. When she came to our home in Seattle, we had just moved and our garage was FULL of boxes. We defined the scope of the project, including about 5 boxes of frames and pictures (sentimental value) to sort through, then Jess helped me declutter and prioritize what we needed. The final result was a clean garage, an organized and cleaned up set of keepsakes, and the sale of several things I really didn't need... the rest went to Goodwill. Jess is no-nonsense and I like that. She knows her strengths and has MANY to offer. I would recommend Jess wholeheartedly." -Kristi Leonard, Bellevue, WA

"Jess organized several rooms in our office. We were having a hard time finding things and wasted a lot of time looking for things. Jess organized the rooms in a way that we would have never thought about on our own. She was quick to assess the problem areas and came up with good creative solutions. She is very professional, cheerful, and expeditious. I would highly recommend Jess to anyone needing some organization in their life!" Greensboro, NC

Jess is a pleasure to work with.  She helped me organize all my photos that have been stored away for years! We have done many other projects together and she really motivates me. Looking forward to tackling my messy garage!" Greensboro, NC

I really enjoyed working with Jess. She was extremely professional and had a lot of great advice about taking control of my space. I would highly recommend her to anybody that is feeling overwhelmed by their clutter- Cooper Robertson, Greensboro, N.C.

I love working with Jess! My project seemed overwhelming, but Jess helped me break it down into easy to tackle tasks.  She had great ideas, positive energy, and good results.  When we were finished, Jess even took some clothes to the Salvation Army and some to a consignment shop for me. Wow! -Laura H. Greensboro

"YOU ARE A GENIUS!! Seriously! I am so excited to put your ideas to work, simple, straightforward and totally doable. Thank you!"- Greensboro, NC

Jess helped me go through a pile of 2 month old papers.  Before she left, I was so encouraged to tackle those papers alone.  Thank you Jess- Winston- Salem, NC

Jess rocks! We were overwhelmed by disorganized clutter from years of ignoring it, combined with trying to consolidate two homes and two offices while we prepare for a downsize and a move. Jess dove right in and got us sorted out, using both her organizational skills and her great personality to keep us moving steadily towards the goal. We could never have done it without her! -Laura & Kevin -Summerfield

Working in a jobshare has been challenging but great, and working with Jess helped us fundamentally change our communication and organization systems, allowing us to work together well and be much more organized and efficient. We looked forward to our meetings with Jess, and plan to utilize her services again! Jess has a terrific combination of compassionate coaching, direct communication and expertise that really helped us expand our own abilities and organizational skills, and those qualities also made working with her delightful!" -UNCG-WGS


I loved working with Jess because she is great. Gave me great organizing tips on how to better use the space that I already had. It was great to have another set of eyes that could see the potential in your space. Ideas that are easy to put to work. Even dropped some jewels about task I a had been putting off. Highly recommended to anyone I know that needs an organizer.-Princess O, Greensboro, NC

I really enjoyed working with Jess. She was extremely professional and had a lot of great advice about taking control of my space. I would highly recommend her to anybody that is feeling overwhelmed by their clutter- Cooper Robertson, Greensboro, N.C.

I have worked with Jess twice. Both times were fantastic and productive. I was able to get rid of things, organize, and actually made money in consignment that paid for Jess's help. She has great energy and ideas and gives me the mental strength to part with items I should have years ago.  I highly recommend Jess to anyone who wants to get things done! - Laura Hamlet, Greensboro, N.C.

Where to start? We planned, we acted, we organized, we laughed a lot! Jess didn't waste a minute of the time allotted. I learned a lot, both about organization and myself. She has great resources for other businesses as well, very helpful as other needs arise. I actually enjoy using my well organized kitchen now. I wholeheartedly recommend Jess, and continue to call on her myself! -Sandra, H.  Greensboro, N.C.

"YOU ARE A GENIUS!! Seriously! I am so excited to put your ideas to work, simple, straightforward and totally doable. Thank you!"- Greensboro, NC

 I had the pleasure of working with Jess last year to organize my apartment, at least that is what I thought we would be doing. In reality, Jess helped me with much more than just my organizational skills. Truthfully, my life was a bit of a mess when I reached out to Jess and the cluttered state of my apartment was just a symptom of my cluttered mind and life. As Jess and I worked together to transform rooms and closets and to make them so much more efficient, we also dealt with the junk that had been weighing me down that had nothing to do with stuff. 
     In 2013, I had a pretty traumatic breakup, and I was still carrying around physical and emotional baggage from that breakup that was causing me problems with my space and my life. Jess helped me clear the physical space which then made me realize that the baggage I really needed to deal with had nothing to do with stuff. Jess helped me work through some issues I was having with my career and ultimately helped me make the decision to change the path I was on. At the end of 2016, Jess helped me organize my move from Greensboro back to my hometown and to a new life. It was the most painless move I have experienced, and I have moved several times in the last 10 years.
      Jess has a no-nonsense approach that means business but without sacrificing genuine care and affection. During the first session, she put me at ease, and I felt I was working alongside a girlfriend, not just an organizer. Jess was always very respectful of my time and flexible with scheduling evening and weekend appointments around my work schedule. She is a genius at re-imagining your space in a way that is the most useful. I had a pretty useless coat closet that Jess transformed into the most useful shoes and accessories closet. I am so glad I sent that first message to Jess and made my life over with her help!


"The systems that we put in place continue to be utilized, especially the filing cabinet, and the mail/action/file boxes.  I am excited to continue to work with Jess to develop a more organized life.  Jess has assisted me in making great progress at a pace that is comfortable for me.  She is gifted at what she does and I look forward to continuing to grow and make achievements in my organizational journey with her guidance and assistance." Greensboro, NC

"You saved my life!! I can find all my important documents at a moments notice, all the kids paper, projects and pictures are now in order and I will be able to pass them on to them one day.  Thank you Jess!!- Medina, WA

I dreaded the idea of allowing someone into my home, I was embarrassed and overwhelmed.  After 15 minutes with Jess I knew things were gonna be okay, I now look forward to our sessions. Greensboro, NC

I recently had Jess reorganize my kitchen cabinets. The results we’re impressive! Jess did a great job putting things in places that made logical sense. I only ended-up donating one item, but my cabinets feel much more spacious. Things are so much easier to find! And it is wonderful to have things more convenient located. Jess has a knack for seeing the best way to organize something. She is tremendously creative and inspires me to think about how to organize other areas of my home to make life easier and more fun. I highly recommend using her services. I am sure that I will hire her again to tackle another room in our home soon!"-Redmond, WA 

Thank you Jess for all the ideas, opinions and suggestions.  We have been making slow progress through the house one room at a time and I am very excited about the way things are coming out."- Kirkland, WA

"I was amazed by how simple the changes were that we made, yet these small changes have made keeping things organized so much easier"- Medina, WA


"Jess! I want to hug you:) 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for finding my desk under that pile of junk"-Redmond, WA

Without judgment or ridicule Jess changed the way I think about and evaluate each item in my home. And it’s fun to work alongside her!”-Burien, WA

Your passion and energy level are infectious and exactly what I needed to push me in the right direction.  I now have strategies and the confidence to stay organized, I love that I have found you"- Bellevue, WA

"Jess organized my chaotic garage in about three hours flat today and miraculously turned it into a peaceful oasis of organization. I am so pleased! Everything is now grouped and labeled in bins or categories - from kids skiing equipment to art projects. It is very easy to access everything and virtually clutter-free! Truthfully, Jess is like a zap of "productivity lightning" - focused and relentless in her ability to filter through what needs to stay and go. At the same time, she is tactful and considerate - especially when sensitive items come up like whether to keep three big boxes of Grandma's memorabilia or not. After years of moving (while working) and having with three young children, I am delighted to finally feel "at peace" with my stuff again. I have the right things in the right places and can find everything at the right time when I need it! Thanks Jess! :)"-Bellevue, WA

"Jess came to help organize the kid’s toys in our new cabinet. We were moving the toys from a toy chest into big, open cupboards with doors. As the house is small, we needed the toys to be able to "disappear" whenever the time came. Jess figured out a system that worked for us all, young and old. The materials she recommended were perfect for the wear and tear kids put things through, and they satisfied my criteria of looking decent (I really didn't want clear Tupperware bins). She came up with a labeling system that my two toddlers could begin to understand. But the biggest benefit to having Jess was that she took measurements of the cabinets, toys and bins, crunched the numbers and found what best fits where and with what. Now when we clean up, the kids want to put things away in the "right" place. They tell me when I've put something in the "wrong" place. Thanks Jess"-Kirkland, WA

"I love that the small changes that we implemented that made my life so much easier, thank you Jess"-Issaquah, WA


Jess helped the kids go through their belongings and donated a few bags of toys and now my children actually play with the toys the have!!!! The playroom is no longer a danger zone, it is their favorite place to spend time and miraculously they will clean things up when asked to, now if only they would do it without me asking..." -Issaquah, WA

"I so look forward to our time together, not only for the organizing tips, but for our talks and your help with the kids.  Our sessions are therapeutic in so many ways and has become invaluable to me."- Renton, WA

Jess, I'm (one of) your #1 fan(s)! I find myself mentioning YOU to a friend or acquaintance about 1-4x/month. I honestly would've gone to the nuthouse without your help. Plus you were so great to talk with during our work time. So you're kind of an Organizer and a Therapist. Organizapist. OOOH, or Therapizer! Haha. Seriously though, many years ago when I found you, I had recently experienced such huge change in my life with a little baby, my mom died, I had three other young children, we had just moved and began inheriting ALL of my childhood memorabilia. "Overwhelmed" is an understatement of my situation. This may sound crazy, but I believe God connected us. My faith is so strong and God knew I needed you and you changed my life, settled me in, found a spot for the special items and help me let go of the things I didn't need. I've not regret even a minute or dollar of our important work. Thank you my Organizapist Therapizer. I'll forever be grateful to God for you and your systems that have helped me put my life back on track. *GRATEFUL*- Linda Farnsworth, Bothell WA