Phone, Text, or Email First Contact – In this initial conversation, via phone, text or email, you will be in contact with OWJ's General Manager.  She will discuss your potential project, exchange some basic information, answer any general questions you may have and proceed to schedule a phone consultation with one of our kind, experienced, and professional organizing consultants.

Phone Consultation – During the phone consultation, you will discuss your project and specific needs in detail with your consultant to ensure that Organize with Jess, LLC will be a good fit for your desired goals.  We will answer any questions you might have and proceed to schedule an in-home consultation.  This phone consultation is of no charge to you.  

90 Minute In-Home Consultation – Your booked OWJ consultant will arrive at the scheduled time to your home, business or work site for a walk through planning meeting where a verbal action plan is created about your specific project, which you are welcome to record or write down should you chose.  We will lock in the hourly rates, schedule hands on organizing hours, take before photos, and a working agreement will be signed by both parties for a flat fee of $150 that will be due at the time of the appointment.   $100 of this fee will be applied to the first day of a purchased working session scheduled and booked during this meeting.  

Hands on Organizing – Organizing is billed hourly and all hourly rates are dependent upon each individual project.  The rates are discussed and locked in during the in-home consultation.   

Team Jobs are Billed as Follows

*1 Consultant = 1 hour billed per hour worked

*2 Consultants = 1.5 hours billed per hour worked

*3 Consultants = 2 hours billed per hour worked

*4 Consultants = 2.5 hours billed per hour worked

*5 Consultants = 3 hours billed per hour worked

Hands on Organizing Packages – Hourly organizational packages are available and will save money for your larger or continual project needs.

12 Hour Package- Save 10% off our hourly rates

24 Hour Package-  Save 15% off our hourly rates

36 Hour Package- Save 20% off our hourly rates

Errand Running – Errand running is $30/ hour with a two  hour minimum.  

10 Hour Errand Package-  Save 17% off our hourly rates for $250.00.

Accepted Forms of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Personal Check (Made Payable to "Organize with Jess, LLC")
  • Credit Cards- Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Chip Cards**
  • CASHapp
  • PayPal
  • ApplePay and AndroidPay

**Credit Card Fees

Effective January 1, 2020, we will be adding an additional 4% charge for all credit card transactions.  We happily accept cash and checks at no additional charge.  

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