Closet Organization

We assist clients in streamlining their clothing choices to facilitate a simple and enjoyable selection by removing unused articles and  pulling out previous or future sizing options.  We help you swap your  seasonal wardrobe and rotate through style choices.  



We  sort, cull and organize all of toys to ensure that things are easy to find and easy to put away.  We remove items that are no longer relevant and create zones for play.  We set areas for arts, crafts, dress up, make believe, toys and vehicles as well as a zone for table work.  


Photo Books

We can assist clients in creating photo books from their digital archives.  These books can be used as keepsakes, given as gifts or utilized to track yearly schoolwork and artwork.    



Optimizing vertical space is key for play areas. We want to preserve as much play space as possible.  We can help clients design, order, build and place shelving and organizing systems to make clean up easy and spaces  gorgeous.   



Oftentimes the photos do not encapsulate all that we do and that needs to be okay.  We work side by side with clients to evaluate all of the items in their lives, to remove the things that were once loved but are now unneeded. We help make space for a new chapter to occur. We help you think through the overwhelming process of downsizing in a way that is fun, accessible, and effective.



Garages!! Often times garages are left to the final project for home owners.  We like to think of it as the entry point and as an  extension of your home.  It  needs  to  function well, and it is a bonus if it also looks amazing.  Everything needs a home and we help you create a place for it all.  We can order and put together shelving to get everything up off of the ground and to allocate all items.  



Attics are where most people store the things they do not use often and may  not even need.  Things get stuck up there and forgotten, and then they become unusable due to difficult retrieval.  We want every space in your home  to be simple and functional.  Allowing us to streamline the attic has a trickle down effect.  Often times a clean attic ensures a clean home.  It triages the items from random closets and provides usable space to store infrequent items without becoming a drop zone.   


Book Nooks and Children's spaces

Children are often easily overwhelmed and less to choose from is best in most situations.  We find that one way to optimize a child's space is to create zones.  All the books in one area where they can sit and read, then a separate area  for dress up and baby dolls.   


Streamline a work office

This space is a CrossFit Office.  Lots of small items, bins and products that were falling over and looked visually overwhelming.  We utilized bins to contain and corral all of the bits and bobs and labeled the bins by  category to make for easy retrieval.  An unorganized office leads people to believe that your business is unorganized.  Simple structure offers a significantly polished look in comparison.    


Work Sheds

Three college-aged guys living together, each using the area as a dumping  ground and not taking ownership of the space.  We worked with our clients to remove unused items, trash, and recyclables.  Once the area had been decluttered, we created spaces for all items that needed to remain and were frequently used.  From start to finish our crew can assist with overwhelming projects and get it done in one short session.  


Unpack and Create SYSTEMS

Moving into a new space is often overwhelming.  We are able to assist  clients with the unpacking, purging, and storing of items.  We create areas for each activity and set things up for easy access and storage.   


Kids Cubbies

Any area that repeatedly needs attention, often needs to be decluttered.  Less to choose from is often the key with kids spaces. We  can create toy rotation systems and make your existing spaces less overwhelming and cluttered.    



Less is often best.  Removing unnecessary items, streamlining things and simplifying color choices has a wonderful calming and inviting effect .    



OWJ will help you sort and cull your own belongings and feature them in a way that makes the space more inviting to potential buyers while saving you the expense of having to purchase items to utilize for the stage of your home.  


School and office Supplies

Sorting and culling items to make things easy to find and adding labels is a quick way to make storage of extra items easy to manage.  


Inviting playspaces

Creating an age appropriate play space for your little ones to access and tidy up themselves is one of our favorite jobs.  


DVDs/ Blue RAYs

Once the investment has been made it is often difficult to let go of your movie collection.  We can assist in streamlining the collection by removing all of the cases, filing them and setting up a list or catalog.  This type of project takes time initially but the result is long lasting and effortless to maintain.    


Bonus rooms

For this project, I worked side by side with a 10  year old to create a  space that she loves and maintains.  Mom had no hands in this project and both mom and daughter LOVED  that.  She chose everything and even labeled the drawers herself.  Creating zones for each task, removing the unnecessary and setting up spaces for children and adults to go to and work when needed.  This process turns a room of requirement into a functional space.    


bits and bobs

A  space for everything and everything in its space.  Utilize bead boxes and storage bins to create a space for all of the tiny pieces that you may need one day allows you to easily find them when you need them    


Overwhelming spaces

We work with clients and item by item, box by box we sort and purge.  We cull the items and we get rid of what has been accumulated.  We create functional spaces where overwhelm used to live.  


Overflow items

We  help clients pull out what they need and find new homes for the surplus items.  We will drop off donations to local charities and schools for others to be  able to utilize these items.    


Game Closets

Storing games on their sides and shelving like books make for easy retrieval and keeps the game closet tidy.  


Dining rooms

We help you reset the spaces that get cluttered with items that belong in other spaces of the home.  Allowing you to dine at your dining room table. 



Storing items by type and color gives the space a calming feel.  Having less to rifle through makes getting dressed simple and enjoyable.  



The kitchen drop zone is one that will always need retouching.  It gets used daily and is often the drop zone for everyone on their way into the space.  We help you create systems to triage the repeat offenders, mail, bills, magazines, and then set up schedules for reset maintenance.  




Visually, having multiple hanger types is overwhelming and makes the closet  feel  cluttered and cramped.  Implementing a universal hanger system gives the closet a revamped feel.  Sorting items by use helps a great  deal,  for example, daily work clothes can be separate from hoodies and evening gowns.      


Garages with Kids spaces

Providing a labeled, clear location for all of the sports and play equipment and parking bikes towards the front of the garage allows  for easy management and clean up by kids.    


Shopping for products

Once we have sorted and purged, we can shop for client products to  finalize the space and give things a polished feel.  We will also create  a cart for clients to order and implement on their own should they choose.    


Give it a home

If it is important and used it needs a home.  Creating an easy system for your kept belongings is a simple step that goes a long way in maintenance.    



We sort artwork by child.  Help you cull the pile and keep the best and then  we  can  assist  clients in the creation of  albums, archives or  photo books to use as keepsakes for these treasures. 


PHOTO sorting

We will sit side by side with you and help you take the boxes of random photos and turn them into perfectly sorted photo categories That make viewing and flipping through easy and attainable.  We can also assist clients who want to have their photos digitized by doing the initial work and then referring them to a photo professional.   


school work

We can create a child's journal or collection of all of your child's noteworthy school awards and achievements.    


GIFT CReation

This tiny closet was created as a gift for a baby shower to feature the  clothing that was being gifted.  We would love to assist you with  creative gift giving.  OWJ believes in gifting amazing and never just gifting for the sake of giving.   We want each experience to be a memorable one and would be honored to help in this endeavor.    



Labels and tapped off vehicle spaces go a long way when there are several people utilizing the same space.    



Tiny bins sorted into categories of spices are an OWJ go to for spice cabinet solutions.    



Creating a universal location for batteries that the whole house  knows about makes finding and replacing  batteries super simple.    



A grab and go file for baby information makes doctor visits a snap.  Keep  pertinent details and records filed easily in one place and bring it  with you when headed to checkups  or  meetings.  



Clean simple storage and age appropriate choices makes playtime more enjoyable for all.